It is common sense that a beautiful smile becomes a personal presentation and brings wellbeing. Achieving a natural smile tonality is part of the image building process.


Our teeth are composed of three different layers:

  • Pulp
  • Dentin
  • Enamel

The dentine is the layer that gives color to our teeth. Due to aging, the teeth enamel goes through a natural wearing process. The consumption of food and beverages containing acids and natural or artificial coloring, such as coffee, tea, red win, sodas, and some citric fruits also stain the enamel. Smoking due to tar and nicotine, does not help to maintain healthy white teeth. Obviously, none of these habits are as bad as a lack of oral hygiene.



The technique adopted by IB is partially done by the dentist in our facilities and the other part by the patient at home.

In the clinic, we use a gel that will oxygenate the dental surface with hydrogen carbamide peroxide. This active principle will penetrate the enamel to clean it from deposits in the dentine, recovering teeth whiteness.

At home, the patient will use a mold specially fitted to his teeth, everyday for an hour up to three weeks period, depending on the desired color wishing to be achieved.

Regular consultation during this period is necessary to control the whitening process to stop the process ate the right time, avoiding an artificial tonalization.