Dr. Anderson Bernal was graduated at Universidade de Santo Amaro (UNISA) in 1994. He became dentistry (surgeon) and later obtained a degree at Universidade de São Paulo in oral prosthesis. He developed his own techniques for oral rehabilitation and facial esthetics having several classic cases of facial reconstruction during his career. His approach aims to transforms the lives of all his patients through face and smile reconstruction.


He applies his knowledge in clinical practice and presents his results in a TV show also in lectures and workshops, where he teaches his techniques named Full Esthetic 3D. The sum of his efforts had led to professional recognition which demanded a replication of his fast and assertive 3D digital workflow, resulting in the creation of Instituto Bernal.


Bernal is aware of his social responsibilities and fulfill them through educational programs on oral hygiene and oral care for children in poor communities.

It all began in 1996, when Dr. Anderson Bernal has setup his own practice. His proneness made a small clinic to outstand along the road. In 2012, his notorious interest in technology took him to invest in his first CAD/CAM system. His professional dedication made him a reference among his peers in 3D techniques for oral esthetics and rehabilitation in Brazil, generating effectiveness on treatment execution. Through minimal invasive treatments, he created a differentiated treatment protocol in the country in his area.

The legit concern with patients physical and psychological wellbeing, together with technological advances in digital imaging system for diagnostics, led Dr. Bernal to create his own methodology, known as Full Esthetic 3D. The combination of the golden ratio, visagism, design and techniques resulted in the procedure of facial study he applies to his patients. In a short time, his differential brought him fame.



Dr. Anderson Bernal is one of the founders of “Full Esthetic 3D”, teaching CEREC CAD/CAM systems throughout the country about dentistry in the digital era.

Degree in Prosthesis at Universidade de São Paulo;
Member of ADA (American Dental Association);
Member of SBRO (Sociedade Brasileira de Reabilitação Oral);
Member of ABOE (Associação Brasileira de Odontologia Estética);

Since 1998, Dr. Bernal appeared more than 400 times in TV shows, radio interviews, newspapers and magazines. In 2010, he made to the TV show “Pânico”, where he performed a smile reconstruction in a reality series. Dr. Bernal is known as the “Dentistry of the Celebrities”, due to his famous patients, such as Jayme Monjardim (TV Director), the country singer Bruno, from Bruno & Marrone duo, top model Carol Trentini, among several others.


Currently, Dr. Bernal is on this fifth year in the TV Show “Hoje em Dia” at Rede Record, presenting his sketch “Transformação da Face”. The show has the highest audience in this segment with large repercussion and engagement in social media.

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