WHY DO WE WORK WITH INVISALIGN TECHNOLOGY? Besides being a material with cutting-edge technology, it corrects the teeth with no pain, without    readjustments or emergency visits to the dentist. Treatment time can be 50% faster than other methods, even among other transparent models. It is comfortable, due to the freedom it provides since they are personalized and results in 75% predictability in alignment, compared to every other treatment.
  • It took 8 years of research and development.
  • More than 260 materials were tested.
Invisalign advantages:
  • Absence of pain or discomfort caused by conventional braces;
  • No limitations of physical activities practice
  • Removable, allowing freedom during meals and enabling better hygiene
  • Elimination of emergency visits to the dentist to repair damaged braces/wires due to use. It saves time, money and avoid unforeseen results
  • They are INVISIBLE! You will need to hide your smile ever again!
  • It has a SmartTrack technology, giving more comfort and freedom to your teeth
  • Custom made for you
  • Last but not least, patient will visualize the result before even starting the treatment
SMARTTRACK is a trademark of Invisalign.   HOW THE APPLIANCES ARE MADE? Our secret lies in the experience we provided in our first consultation. We want to understand the needs and desires of our patients by promoting a personalized, qualified and accurate treatment plan. Our assertiveness is promoted by our technology, scanning patient’s whole mouth, reproducing every detail in 3D. This 3D image is then e-mailed to ClinCheck. After two weeks, the results arrive, and the treatment steps are defined from start to finish.