The problem encountered by adults in sitting in a dentist’s chair was due to some unsuccessful experience as a child or in adolescence, generating ‘trauma’. In IB, we practice pediatric dentistry, a set of techniques focused specifically on the small ones, providing security, improving self-esteem and teaching them to take care of their teeth from an early age. This care begins before the baby is born; future moms need to understand what will be good and bad for their child. The first precautions consist before the appearance of the teeth, reinforcing in the importance of leaving the mucosa of the newborn clean. The awareness of the use of sugar in the bottle and later, in addition of other foods, preventing cavities and other problems when they are larger. At the stage of the birth of teeth, it is necessary to pass sealant to protect them; application of fluoride and start cleaning with a special care. Within the Pediatric Dentistry, we have the Functional Orthopedics of Jaws. From the age of 4, we can detect if the child is drooling a lot or if he has bone disparity, (when a jaw bone grows more than another). If the problem is detected, the treatment will be done with the use of removable appliances, which will guide the bone growth, matching the facial profile.